We at Local Dental offer a large range of services for all of your dental needs.

Childrens Dentistry

We at Local Dental pride ourselves in winning our little clients in their very first dental visit.
We do everything to encourage them to look after their teeth and keep coming back for their regular check-ups. We focus on reinforcing good oral hygiene habits from as early as possible so when their lifestyle becomes more complex they are protected by default. We also provide a full range of kids dentistry under best possible pain management. CDBS, MOLAR. Our team visits many child care centres and schools for oral hygiene education. If you think you want our team to visit your child’s school or daycare centre, please register your interest at the reception.

Preventative Care

Prevention is always better than a cure! As your family dentists, we really need to understand this so we put enough time and efforts in avoiding the problems for you. We will empower you with the right knowledge and the tools to make sure that you understand yourself any specific details that you need to achieve for your specific dental needs.
This is the reason we run our Molar initiative so that our community understands the importance of good oral hygiene. We spend the majority of our time for your regular check-ups and other preventative procedures like fissure seals, scale cleans and oral hygiene instructions.

Emergency Dentistry

It is our policy to see you on the same day. If you have dental pain than we have got you covered. We are available 24X7 through our business or personal numbers.


Dental fillings/restorations are needed to restore the shape of a tooth. The most common cause for the need of a dental filling is tooth decay. Once the tooth is cleaned, the filling is placed and sculptured and cured with dental curing light and then polished.
We only do white dental resin fillings as they bond with the tooth surface making them more conservative over dental amalgam (metal filling).

Root Canal Therapy

Tooth nerve/pulp can get damaged irreversibly because of many reasons. Tooth decay, trauma, large old dental restorations are some of the common examples. Once the tooth has an irreversibly damaged nerve/pulp, the only way to save the tooth is by Root Canal Therapy provided the tooth can be satisfactorily restored.
In this treatment, the damaged nerve is removed from the tooth and replaced by bio-compatible material followed by dental crown placement. Our clinician can explain the minor details of this treatment during your consultation.

Pain Management

It is our simple promise to you. “we do not proceed if you are in pain”. For us, pain management is the most important part of any procedure. We also appreciate the fact that different people have different pain thresholds and we will work with you to identify the right mix of pain control techniques like oral sedation, happy gas and dental anaesthesia (both traditional and WAND).


In the life cycle of any tooth there are some instances where the tooth is no longer needed or cannot be saved with any other treatment. We believe that tooth extraction doesn’t have to be a painful experience. The majority of the time after achieving the dental anaesthesia dental extraction is no different to any other routine dental procedure as far as the discomfort is concerned.
We can also make the anaesthesia part more comfortable by using the happy gas or oral sedation.

Wisdom Teeth

Not every wisdom tooth has to be removed. But when a wisdom tooth is impacted or causing other clinical issues like displacement or decaying of the other teeth, wisdom tooth can be removed with different extraction techniques. The details of these techniques can be discussed with your dentist. If we think that you will be best served by the specialist, we will organise the referral on the same day.

Treatment of missing tooth/teeth (Implant, bridges, dentures

There are many alternatives available for replacing a missing tooth and we offer all of them. They all vary in the time needed to fabricate them, comfort level, extra oral hygiene habit required and cost. Many times, even if you can have a particular option, it’s not advisable to have it as there are many factors we need to consider.
Our experienced dentists and dental assistants will help you understand the best alternative suited for your specific needs.


There are many different bridge designs we can use to replace your missing tooth/teeth. Like any other clinical procedure, even with bridges, we need to make sure that a particular design of a bridge will serve you functionally and aesthetically for many years. After having a thorough understanding of your personal and clinical needs, we will advise you the best design suited to your specific need

Cosmetic Dentistry

As they say “your smile leaves the first and lasting image on the other person’s mind”. We believe in this philosophy and will work towards your specific aesthetic goals. We offer full range of aesthetic treatments like direct and indirect anterior veneers, crowns, clear aligners, traditional orthodontics, internal and external bleaching, implants and anterior bridges.
Like any other clinical procedure, we believe that aesthetic dental work also has to be functional and we will explain all the minor aspects of every option so that you choose the best option suitable for you.

Teeth Whitening

Our take-home bleaching kit provides custom made trays for your teeth. We use best professional teeth whitening gels which have proven results and also safe for your teeth and gums. If you want the results instantly then we offer Phillips ZOOM tooth whitening which also includes a maintenance kit to maintain your smile for the long term.


Dental implant is the treatment for the replacement of a missing tooth. It is placed in your jaw bone and then a natural looking crown is placed on the implant. We also offer implant supported bridge and dentures. This procedure needs to be understood well before the start and our clinician will help you understand it.

Same Day Crowns

With new CEREC technology, it is now possible to have a posterior dental crown fitted on the same day. There is no more need for the uncomfortable impression and a long wait while you have the uncomfortable temporary crown in your mouth. You will be amazed by watching your crown being fabricated right before your eyes. It will also reduce the need for multiple dental injections.

Happy Gas

Happy gas or nitrous oxide- oxygen sedation is one of the safest form of anxiety relieving treatments available and it is suitable for all ages. It will make your dental experience more favourable and you will be more confident about your visit to the dentist.

Mouth Guards

We make many fun coloured Mouthguards. We make our guards in-house and usually they are ready the very next day.

Nocturnal grinding (Bruxism)

Bruxism or grinding is one of the most common dental condition in today’s busy life. Grinding has many negative effects on your teeth from wear to actual fracture of a tooth needing extraction. A simple intra-oral appliance will not only save your teeth from wear but also position your jaw in a more suitable position where you will avoid other TM Joint related issues.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a condition where you stop breathing while sleeping and it has much serious life-threatening health risks. We work with your GP and sleep physician to make you the best fitting intra-oral appliance to make sure that you get a good night sleep with improved oxygen flow while sleeping.

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